Meeting Energy

Meeting Energy will be a public event in a public place: Lancaster’s Edwardian Town Hall in the famous Ashton Hall, complete with grand organ and sprung dance floor! This large space has been the scene of many lively public meetings over the years and now it brings together academics, activists, residents, journalists and politicians to explore and debate the most live and contentious issue: energy.

With a Science and Technology Studies sensibility we will see energy as an actor by exploring technologies and materials of energy and how they engage, imagine, undermine or support, think and plan with and through, energy systems. We aim in this meeting to pin down the category ‘energy’; to ground it, by making visible some of the practices, strategies and encounters between humans and things, that are often hidden in political rhetorics. We do this by starting with some hidden encounters between civil and military nuclearities, then we consider some embodied resistances to the violence of fracking and then widen to the experiences of activists and campaigners in the climate justice movement.

Chair: Maggie Mort (Lancaster University)

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