Meeting Machines

Beyond the STS/Innovation Studies Divide

EASST/AsSIST-UK Plenary Panel

A key theme for the EASST Conference is meetings between, and differences within, the cultural and intellectual constituencies of STS and how this work embraces diverse socio-technical fields and practices. This Plenary, supported by AsSIST-UK and its members, provides an opportunity to discuss these processes at a synoptic level, exploring how work within both STS and innovation studies (IS) is opening up constructive engagement between the two, new forms of inquiry that remake intellectual constituencies and so will reshape future work. There is, for example, shared interest between STS and the new IS wave interested in pro-poor/below the radar innovation, greener innovation, user driven innovation and social innovation – issues which require a coming together of STS-informed research and the approaches of IS. There are also new forms of intervention in innovation and technology development. This is exemplified by debates in regard to responsible research and innovation, and challenge-oriented, engaged research within policy which fosters a problem-orientated approach that open up spaces for STS and IS engagement.
These are some of the issues the Panel will be discussing. AsSIST-UK is keen to open up such debates to reflect recent and future work by members of the Association within the UK and internationally.

Chair: Andrew Webster (University of York)

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